NBC Airs 7 Minute Exclusive Clip of Spider-Man 3 Movie

Witness the first awesome fight between Spider-Man and Harry Osbourne's version of the Goblin/Hobgoblin. This one will get your blood pumping to see the movie!
Last night 3/5/2007 during "Heroes" NBC showed an exclusive commercial of Spider-Man 3 and then had up a 7 minute clip of the battle between Spider-Man and Harry (son of Goblin) Osbourne. Decked out in all of Gobby's high tech armor and doo-hickeys, Harry made a good match for the webslinger--although we don't know what they will be calling new alter ego. In the comics, Harry became the second Green Goblin, and there has been much rumor that maybe in the movie continuity he would become the first Hobgoblin, but he looks like neither.

(Will only be online for 24 hours)

YouTube Link HERE

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