Di Bonaventura talks G.I. Joe, Transformers and Constantine 2!

Bonaventura comments on upcoming projects!
The producer of Transformers; Lorenzo di Bonaventura has some interesting and undoubtedly challenging projects ahead of him.
He has this to say about G.I. Joe which fires up filming after Transformers is done: "The comic book is probably better, like Cobra I believe that it would look hokey. So we have to come up with a, where a fan goes, 'Oh, that’s Cobra, what a cool way!' So, it’s inspired by what they know but, for me, that’s the one where I’m sort of knockin’ my head against, going, how in the hell are we going to do Cobra visually and not look goofy?
Another big project on the horizon for Di Bonaventura is “Constantine 2”: "We are developing a very dark version [of 'Constantine 2']," says di Bonaventura. "It will be lower budgeted and Keanu [Reeves] totally wants to do it and Francis [Lawrence] wants to do it and the studio wants to do it. But, it will be half the money. We are literally, we are going to go really dark, that’s our intent."

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