MaGuire talks about Spider-man 3 dark-side

"Does what ever a Spider can". The catch phrase for the third installment of the Spider-man saga story. MaGuire gives "If" magazine the scoop on his character's dark side...
iF MAGAZINE: How do you handle being a good guy and a dark guy in this movie?

TOBEY MAGUIRE: First of all, I don’t really look at it like a good guy or a bad guy, although he does make some choices that I think are going to be a little shocking for people, and fans will be surprised at Peter going down that road. This is something Sam [Raimi] and I worked a lot on because we don’t want to lose the audience caring for the character, but we do want to push it. We don’t want to make it too scary, we want it to be dark, but still have some humor and some fun with it. So we’re constantly working on the exact tone of it. I had a lot of fun doing it as an actor. There’s a different side of Peter Parker.

iF: What do you think are the themes in this movie – it seems to be revenge?

MAGUIRE: Yeah, I think vengeance, forgiveness, there’s the big theme of the franchise with great power comes great responsibility which I think is a blanket idea of having - Peter’s learning lessons in each movie, they may be slightly different lessons, but they can all fall under that umbrella. I think there are a lot of themes running through the film and it all depends what you get from it, I guess.

iF: There are three villains in this film, and maybe even four including you, the dark side, did you have a favorite?

MAGUIRE: Including me, I would probably have to say me.

iF: Did you like playing the villain?

MAGUIRE: I had a good time doing that. It was more of an internal battle. Building his story arc was fun in terms of the villains outside of myself, I think they are all so different and I appreciate them for what they are. Sandman was a villain from the comic books that I always wanted to see in a Spiderman movie. I was really excited about that. I think we tied him into Peter’s story line very well. Terry Osborne that was the cliffhanger from the second movie. That one was probably the most emotional.

iF: Is there a significance of Peter Parker getting rid of the dark suit in a church?

MAGUIRE: The setting we felt would be dramatic and would have certain weight, but I don’t think anybody thought it would have a specific comment.

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