Julian McMahon Talks about Dr. Doom

Julian McMahon is reprising his role of Dr. Doom in Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. Here he talks about performing his own stunts and working with green screen.
McMahon said "That was intense. The last month and a half of me shooting that was me in this outfit, which weighed, I think, between 40 and 60 pounds, depending on what cape I had on, which is a lot of weight to carry around. I was up on this [rig] about 50 or 60 feet high, with a half-cut-off surfboard."

In the upcoming sequel, the title superhero quartet encounters a silvery extraterrestrial who is on a mysterious mission. Meanwhile, McMahon's villain from the first movie returns, with a nefarious agenda of his own.

Despite the discomfort, McMahon added that he welcomed the chance to perform his own stunts. "I didn't want anyone else to be doing that," he said. "I like doing the little things, like the hand stuff. No one else was going to do it the way that I wanted it to be done. I mean, particularly with Dr. Doom, ... and I only found this through the first movie, everything was happening through his hands. All the metallic stuff, it started in his hands, and he was doing all this stuff with his hands. So if they need a closeup of it or whatever it should be me doing it, because I know what I'm doing. It gives it that kind of feel. That's why I decided to get up on this green screen."

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