Jeff Bridges Role in Iron Man = Villain!

Jeff Bridges will be playing the rold of Obidiah Stane in the upcoming Iron Man movie. As Obidiah, Bridges role will be more prominent the previously suspected.
IESB recently spoke to Bridges:

"This gives incredible insight into what storyline the film will follow! Obidiah Stane is the financier who, unknowingly to Stark, attacks James Rhodes and takes over Stark International.

Stane’s henchmen are known as the Chessmen due to his fascination with the game of chess since childhood. He renames it to Stane International. Tony relapses into alcoholism and walks away from his Iron Man role."

Rhodes then apparantelybecomes the new Iron Man while Stark recovers as Stane creates his own armour at Stark International and becomes The Iron Monger.

Rhodes is of course to be played by Terence Howard in the movie.

Bridges has gone to the lengths of shaving his head... to stay true to the comic book character who has no hair.
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