Spider-Man Without Maguire! Avi Arad Sets us Straight

a few days ago Tobey Maguire claimed that he was pretty much done with the "Spider-Man" series, but producer Avi Arad doesn't seem to feel that way...
Here's what Mr. Arad said...

"No, never conclusions. This story has been going on a long time and it will continue going. There's some issues that will come not to an end but to a conclusion, but Peter Parker's story will continue forward. He's still young. The love story will always be the ruling thing in his life. It's always about the girl so, no, it's just number three."

A few years back, after the tremendous success of Spidey #1, Avi Arad admitted that they wanted to make at least 6 movies or more--as long as there was a demand and continued box office success.

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