300 Movie Bloodies the Competition at Box Office

Standing at #1, atop a mountain of bloodied movie offerings, 300 slaughtered all competing films like a pathetic contingent of filthy Persians...
Yes, a "fanboy film" finally hits HUGE as Zack Snyder's 300 scores the biggest March opening of all-time, as well as the biggest opening of any movie in 2007 so far, and the 3rd biggest opening ever for a R-rated movie (after MATRIX RELOADED and PASSION OF THE CHRIST.

Let's see how "Entertainment Weekly" plays this one...will they blame the "Internet" again? Surely not. It's probably because soccer moms went to see it, right? Gimme a break. I'm ranting because JoBlo.com and tons of other Internet sites have been talking about how cool 300 looked since last July's San Diego Comic Con, and for once, we deserve a little credit, instead of always blaming the Internet for not being able to "open" a movie.

300 beat the previous March record opening held by ICE AGE: THE MELTDOWN, which made $68M, but also
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