REMINDER: Hulk and Punisher are on Access Hollywood & The Sci-Fi Channel Tonight

Don't forget that tonight you've got some TV viewing to do! If you want to see the new Punisher clip that will be shown in the Hulk Movie Previews, be sure to watch Access Hollywood. Also, the Sci-Fi Channel Special - Hulk: The Lowdown airs tonigh
SCI FI brings you an Exclusive First Look at one of the summer's most anticipated movies! The HULK!

Co-stars Josh Lucas (Glenn Talbot) and Sam Elliott (General Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross) host this insider's guide to THE HULK. This world-premiere special features never-before-seen clips, special-effects tours, behind-the-scenes footage and exclusive on-set interviews with director Ang Lee and stars Eric Bana, Jennifer Connelly and Nick Nolte.

You'll also take a journey inside Marvel Studios to meet the man who co-created the Hulk, Stan Lee, and see the evolution of the ever-lovin' green guy from comic book to cartoon to TV show to multimillion-dollar summer blockbuster.

Below is a listing for the month of June:
JUN-18th: 10:00 PM
JUN-18th: 2:00 AM
JUN-19th: 5:00 PM
JUN-20th: 4:00 PM
JUN-20th: 7:00 PM
JUN-21st: 10:00 AM
JUN-22nd: 11:00 PM

All these showtimes are EST. (Roll back 3 hours for Pacific, 2 hours for Mountain and 1 hour for Central. If this is too difficult, and math is a sore point, just check your local listings)
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