Final Spider-Man 3 Movie Trailer Online!

Head on over to Comcast, because they have the exclusive rights to the final look at the Spider-Man 3 movie...
My wife asked me the other day after seeing the SPIDER-MAN footage during "Heroes" how excited I was about seeing the film. Pretty excited, I said, but not for any of the reasons in that trailer. I hate to get so myopic on a film that has so many potentially cool things, but seriously, I just want to see Venom. So far our official glimpses in the trailers have been few and far between but finally we've got a Venom-ous final trailer. Strangely though, it's very light on the Gwen Stacy angle, which makes me think her role has been cut down, or she never had a big role in the first place. Anyway, for some reason Sony has decided to premiere the final trailer on a website created by cable company Comcast. You'll have to deal with some annoying stuff like Comcast ads for that Triple Play nonsense (sign up for phone, internet and TV!!!) but I think it's worth it to watch the trailer. It's in HD Quicktime too so I know you won't be able to resist.

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