My review of "TMNT" (No Spoilers)

I went....I saw....I was Impressed!
When the movie first starts off, The unbelievable animation seemed to just take it's course on me by actually looking like a live action film.

The storyline was powerful as well as the dialogue was not corny or childish.
When you think of this movie as a whole, You should really be thinking, "Batman: The Mask of the Phantasm" rather than "Toy Story".

Don't get me wrong, This film, Like Spider-Man does make for a good family film but perhaps on the same level of "Fantastic Four".
Also, the continuity between part two("TMNT:The secret of the ooze") and this new film is VERY good so trust me when I tell you that this film is GREAT despite what the critics may say!
And trust me....You'll love the ending!

My Rating: A

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