TMNT #1 at the Box Office

It took yet another comic book movie, namely Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, to kick and punch "300" out of the #1 position at the Box Office...
Despite 300 continuing to rake in the big dollars at the box-office (it's now closing in on the $200M mark), Warner Bros' re-invention of the TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES managed to overtake the Spartans at the top of the box-office this past weekend, with $25M in receipts, compared to about $20M for 300. It was actually a pretty big week at the box-office with 6 new releases making their way into the top 10, although only TMNT really managed to make any sort of splash.

Mark Wahlberg's SHOOTER had to be a disappointment with only $14M, despite a budget of closer to $60M. They were thinking of a possible franchise with that film, which I doubt will happen now, unless things change drastically over the next few weeks. THE LAST MIMZY did alright with $10M, while REIGN OVER ME and PRIDE surely disappointed with only $8M and $4M respectively. Then again, what do you expect when you release 6 movies in one weekend? Some are gonna be losers.
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