So what the heck is Harry Osbourne?

Green Goblin II, Hobgoblin, Green Ninja boy? Speculation continues as to what exactly Harry's hook is supposed to be...
With the final trailer giving us a closer look at the costumed Harry Osbourne, fans continue to obsess. What exactly is his super-villain theme? At first we thought that the movie continuity would want to jump ahead a bit and set him apart from his dad by making him the formidable Hobgoblin. Then, with the advent of Gwen Stacy in the Spider-Man 3 movie we believed that they were at least trying to be true to the comics (Gwen was killed in the comics by the original Green Goblin) by going with Hobgoblin II, which was what Harry was in the comics--although this version was not the killer in the comics. Well, after the question came up with director Sam Raimi, we got a little further definition as he devulged that Harry would be neither, and was really his own incarnation--nothing from the comics. Seeing the latest trailers has confirmed that Harry looks more like the Green Ninja than the Green Goblin, but what is he calling himself. Scooper Addison revealed that the toys are calling him "NEW Goblin". Whether or not that is spoken in the movie is yet to be seen.
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