Two New Pics of Joker & Gang

Plus, word that Dark Knight director Christopher Nolan will shoot four action scenes in the IMAX format.
Here are two new pics from the upcoming Dark Knight sequel to Batman Begins.

One shows the director Christopher Nolan setting up a shot with what appears to be Heath Ledger as the Joker. The other looks like the Joker’s gang during a bank robbery.

Nolan will shoot four action scenes for the film in the IMAX format, according to USA Today.

"There's simply nothing like seeing a movie that way," Nolan says. "It's more immersive for the audience. I wish I could shoot the entire thing this way."

He added: "You can't do this on any home theater. Batman has some of the most extraordinary characters in pop culture. We wanted the Joker to have the grandest entrance possible."

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USA Today