Feds Call Silver Surfer Quarters Illegal

Don't try to spend your Norrin Radds at the local 7-Eleven.
The Franklin Mint/Fox co-promoted Silver Surfer quarters, aimed at promoting the Fantastic Four sequel, aren't legal tender, according to the U.S. Mint.

The Mint said late last week that it had told Franklin Mint that it was breaking the law because it's illegal to turn U.S. currency into an advertising vehicle, according to Newsarama.

"The promotion is in no way approved, authorized, endorsed, or sponsored by the United States Mint, nor is it in any way associated or affiliated with the United States Mint," the feds wrote.

The US Mint did not say whether the studio or The Franklin Mint would face a penalty. Both Fox and Franklin Mint said it was not their intention to break the law.

However, according to the original release and contest information, the coins were to be placed into the currency streams across the United States, allowing them to fall into the hands of individuals who would visit the website and enter the contest, according to Newsarama.

The Franklin Mint stated: "This legal tender coin is a 2005 California statehood commemorative quarter minted by the United States Mint and specially color-enhanced by The Franklin Mint for Twentieth Century Fox."

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