The Thing Suit Made Chiklis Comfy

Michael Chiklis talks about wearing the suit for the second time in the Fantastic Four sequel.
Michael Chiklis recently spoke about donning the big orange suit for Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer while in London.

"They really reworked it entirely," Chiklis said in an interview at the London Eye observation wheel in the British capital over the weekend. "I think they were all brutally aware of my—what do I call it?—my condition, my plight. They were very good about wanting to improve it for me."

"[It was] much easier because I was familiar with it," Chiklis said. "And they even made [the mask] out of a little bit lighter-grade prosthetic so that it was more malleable, and I was able to move it more easily. The other one was sort of a little tight, so I had to work the face in before I started shooting. I had to do all these facial exercises to get the thing working for me, whereas this one was very pliable and soft, and it could work very well with my face."

Rise of the Silver Surfer opens on June 15.
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