Silver Surfer, Iron Man and More!

Comic book movies just keep coming, and there is nothing I like better! News continues to filter out of the studios, and there are several tidbits of information that has me salivating concerning the Silver Surfer, Iron Man and more!
First off is news regarding a spinoff for our favorite interstellar surfer, the Silver Surfer. From the LA Times, Fox Studios have already put a spinoff in the works, with fan favorite writer J. Michael Straczynski currently crafting the screenplay. Straczynski is best known for his work writing for "The Twilight Zone" and "Babylon 5," and has also penned stories for Marvel comics.

From the same article, it seems that the Thor script has been completed by Mark Protosevich, the writer of such movies as “The Cell” and “Poseidon”. Matthew Vaughn, who was slated to direct X-Men: The Last Stand, is apparently being courted to direct.

Jon Favreau has dropped a tidbit of information at the MySpace site for Iron Man, letting us know that they will be attempting to release the movie on May 2nd 2008 as a PG-13 movie, following in the footsteps of many previous comic book movies.

And lastly, from an interview iF Magazine, Mark Steven Johnson, director of the popular Ghost Rider, gives an insight in to his opinion of a sequel. “They are talking about it and the first film did very well for them, but you know I have been doing my own stuff and not writing anything at the moment. Given how well it did, I would imagine down the line that Sony will want to revisit a sequel and I’ll be happy to look at it then.”
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