Avengers Assemble

Marvel Studios today announced good news for all Marvel comic fans, with an Avengers movie on the drawing boards. To be penned by Zak Penn who wrote the upcoming The Incredible Hulk, the Avengers live-action movie will be titled, originally, The Avengers.
This comes as no surprise in the wake of several other stories and rumors circulating. Independent movies under Marvel’s belt include Thor, Ant-Man and Captain America, all members of the Avengers at some point. In production with Paramount Pictures, Iron Man has often been the leader of the team. With Spider-Man only a new member to the comic book roster for the Avengers, it would be unlikely to see Toby Mcguire don the spandex for an appearance. Though with a trilogy of movies, and his own spinoff, Hugh Jackman as Wolverine could very well make it in to the movie.

The question remains though, who will appear in the movie. The roster has changed and reformed and suffered deaths and abuse so many times over the years, it would be hard to pin down exactly what roster will make the movie. Further confusion is added when we consider the actors for the parts, considering their movies; will Robert Downey Jr., Edward Norton and Hugh Jackman actually be in an Avengers movie? Especially considering that it is likely we could be waiting till 2012 for the first one to hit the screens.

All the doubts and questions aside though, this is big news for us all. An Avengers movie is the answer to Warner Bros. The Justice League which has apparently been penned, and approved. As the man in the red, white and blue tights says, Avengers Assemble!
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