The Dark Knight Gets a Two Wheeler

It looks like Batman will have a new set of wheels in 2008 and it's being called the Batpod.
The stunt rider Jean-Pierre Goy has been breaking in Batman's Batpod in England which has a ton of gadgets including cannons, machine guns and grappling hooks. The bike is steered by shoulder as there are no handelbars.

The creator of the Batmobile from Batman Begins, Nathan Crowley, designed this bike. "The way we make films is we build things for real. We try and not rely on visual effects."

And then Chris Corbould built it saying; "I thought there was no chance we'd actually achieve it, [Director] Chris Nolan and Nathan went for the look of it rather than thinking about the mechanics. That was the biggest challenge: Get their vision, but make it work and perform."

Six Batpods were built for filming.
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