RUMOR: Spider-Man 4 Villains to be the Sinister Six!

Well, so much for Venom! Rumors are spreading that the villains for the 4th Spider-Man movie will be none other than the Sinister Six! Can a 2 hour movie have more than one villain and still keep to a storyline?
Cinematical has it on good authority that director Sam Raimi wants to incorporate a host of villains for the 4th Spidey installment, with plans to re-unite the original Sinister Six. For those not in the know, the Sinister Six is a super-vilian super-group, dedicated to wiping out the webslinger once and for all. While the cast changed over the years, the original 6 include Vulture, Electro, Kraven the Hunter, Mysterio, Sandman, and Dr. Ock.

The only worry is that the Spider-Man films are going down the same path the Batman films took--which utterly raped the franchise. By using too many villians for a decent storyline, can any storyline be achieved at all? We barely got one from Spider-Man 3 with the appearance of 3 major villains, only saved by Goblin's change of heart, but fans did feel that both the Sandman and Venom stories were not fully told. Can you have more than one villain in a 2-3 hour movie? hopes that Raimi will give this some serious thought before blazing ahead.
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