Batman News Abounds

The information continues to roll in for the next installment in Christopher Nolan’s Batman movies, and it isn’t getting boring any time soon.
New casting has been announced with Melinda McGraw from CBS' short-run series Center of the Universe and Nathan Gamble from the 2006 movie Babel, both joining the cast as Gordons’. McGraw will play Gary Oldman’s wife, and Gamble their son.

Christian Bale has had a lot to say about the movie in interviews with multiple media sources. In an interview with MTV he commented on Heath Ledgers portrayal of the Joker, saying that his Joker will be significantly darker than previous incarnations. He goes on to say that "...certainly I think that we dig a little more than the other movies did... We recognize, of course, they are cartoon characters, but we try to ground them in somewhat more reality than the other movies."

In an interview with, Bale also commented on the differences in making the sequel of Batman Begins, rather than the follow up to the disastrous Batman & Robin.

"It's been a lot easier because of that... People aren't questioning, 'Are they going to do it or not?' There's been an acceptance of, 'Yes, these guys know what they're doing' and also, because we got so familiar with each other... it's now the third movie that I made with Chris and Michael Caine. I've gotten to know everybody. We all know how we all work. It's like my 5th movie with the D.P. It just flies along because there's no question in trying to sort of work each other out at all. We all know how we like to do it, and there's a nice shorthand between us all in terms of communication."

All in all, July 18, 2008, is going to be a very big day!
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