'Transformers' creates a bright new star in Megan Fox

A wealth of new interviews with the 20-year-old beauty focus on her first major film role in "Transformers."
When it comes to attention, the giant robots in the new live-action "Transformers" are getting a run for their money with co-star Megan Fox in her first leading motion picture role.

Fox, 20, plays Mikaela Banes, "the hottest girl in high school who is not engrossed in the usual girlie interests and pursuits. She likes to work with cars, and she gets sucked into the whole robot world by accident." Mikaela gets a ride from Shia LaBeouf's Sam and his Camaro...which is really Transformer scout Bumblebee. And so their adventure begins.

Fox describes her character as "tough. But she's a sweet girl and when Sam is ridiculed by her boyfriend she sticks up for him and breaks up with her boyfriend over the incident; it's all very melodramatic."

Mikaela isn’t a typical Michael Bay female – the requisite beautiful babe tagging along with the male hero.

"I think the writers wrote her as a very respectable female character," Fox says. "She was strong, she was different and she was relatable in all of these things. It wasn’t me because the writers did a good job."

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