The Cap’ and Thor get writers

Things are really getting rolling when a movie has a writer, unless we end up with another Wonder Woman/Joss Whedon scenario. But Captain America and Thor look to be on their way.
We’ve reported before on Marvels own films that are being produced in-house, and two of the biggest will be Captain America and Thor. They represent two of the biggest of Marvel’s lineup, and it is an oddity that it has taken this long for them to be made.

Rotten Tomatoes are reporting that Marvel Studio chief has been on the task of acquiring writers for the films so that production can get started.

"I have a writer on Captain America right now," said Feige, interviewed on the set of Marvel's Iron Man. "Hoping to get a director on that very soon to get that into the pipeline within the next year or so. And the same thing with Thor."

So who is writing the movies I hear you ask?
"Mark Protosevich has delivered a 'Thor' script. David Self is writing 'Captain America'."

Authors of 2006’s Poseidon (Protosevich) and 2002’s Road to Perdition, I’m a happy camper now that I know Cap’s soon to be on the big screen!
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