Batman Roundup

Were you wondering whether there was going to be a third installment of Nolan’s Batman series? Wait no longer (kinda) and read on…
In an interview with the Star Ledger (not Heath), Christian Bale let’s slip a little on whether there will be a third movie.

"The script leaves room for a very interesting follow-up, too," Bale says of the potential for a third film. "I think we could take it somewhere else."

In sadder Batman news though, Batman on Film has announced that, while The Dark Knight will make an appearance at Wizard World Chicago Convention in early August, it will not be viewed at Comic-Con in San Diego.

Over at SuperHeroHype, user Extra71807 sent in a bit of a spoilerish scoop for everyone;

“I was an extra on the set of The Dark Knight on Wednesday the 27th. I was cast as an evacuee and we shot our first scene downtown around 9:30am as if evacuating Gotham City. We then returned to Navy Pier where we shot a scene with us evacuees boarding two large ships with tons of green screens around! We were told the green screens would be used to "build" the rest of the ships and to add in explosions cause by The Joker.”

*Giggles in Anticipation*

You can see some set photos that link to this spoiler here from
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