Iron Man Stares You Down!

The big man in the red and yellow tin suit is staring right down the camera lens and right at you in the new poster found at the Cinema Expo International currently running in Amsterdam. If that poster was all there was to go by, I’d still be kneeling at the floor in front of it. But thankfully, there is much much more!
In other news, Jon Favreau has commented on his MySpace blog regarding the rumors that have been circulating concerning Gwyneth Paltrow’s injury.

“I've been hearing and reading a lot of rumors about Gwyneth Paltrow breaking her leg. Let me set the record straight. Yes, she had a small fracture in her knee. No, she didn't injure herself on the set of Iron Man. Yes, she had surgery to repair it. No, it did not impact filming. I hope this clears things up. Thanks for your concern. She's back home and doing fine.”

Lastly, the director man himself decided to help out Paramount Pictures financially, by keeping the cost of casting down to a minimum. In a blog posting, Robin Leach outs Jon Favreau saying;

“Robert Downey Jr.'s character in the "Iron Man" film shooting at Caesars Palace called for a security guard, so to save time and money, director Jon Favreau cast himself in the part - and then after shooting the scene yelled "wrap" to end final Vegas shooting of the Marvel Comic hero.”

Can’t blame the man can you?
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