New Iron Man Poster.

New Poster for the upcoming and Highly anticipated, Jon Favreau-directed film!
Anthony Stark was born in Long Island, New York. He entered the undergraduate electrical engineering program at MIT while only 15 years old and graduated at the top of his class. At the age of 21, he inherited his father's company, Stark Industries, after his parents were killed in a car accident. One of the first things Stark did was to buy out the company that made the faulty brakes on his parent's car and correct the mechanical problem.

While on a visit to Vietnam (later updated to the Gulf War) to see how his new mini-transistors could assist the American war effort, Stark was caught in a booby trap. Captured by a Vietnamese warlord named Wong Chu, and dying from a piece of shrapnel lodged in his heart from the booby trap, Stark was pressed into building weapons for Wong Chu, along with a fellow prisoner, the famed physicist Yin Sen (later called Ho Yinsen).

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*Note: The film enters theatres worldwide on 5/2/08!*

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