Captain America versus current-day America

Though fans of Captain America may be all right with the idea of the propaganda machine type super-hero that Steve Rogers started out as, will the rest of the world appreciate it? Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige thinks so.
In an interview whilst on the set of Marvels latest comic-book adaption, Iron man, the Studios president commented on the political climate that a Captain America movie would make its debut in.

"I think we'll certainly have to play with that and play with Captain America being this patriotic propaganda machine on one hand but also be a very human Steve Rogers, interesting, fascinating hero in his own right.”

"The script, the director that we end up hiring, certainly we're going into it with our eyes open but these are all things we have to deal with, much the same way that Captain America when thawed from the arctic ice entered a world he didn't recognize and had to deal with the changes, whether it was when Stan [Lee] did it in the early '60s and that world Steve Rogers was coming into, or the world of 2009."

When asked about whether the movie would be the period Rogers or a modern day Rogers, Feige replied, "Right now what we're developing would be about half and half I'd say."

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