The New Lara Croft is Minnie Driver

British movie star Minnie Driver picks up the Tomb Raider mantle from Angelina Jolie for a new 10-part animated series.
No, Minnie Driver will not actually have to fill Lara Croft's tank top and short-shorts. Instead, the Oscar-nominee has been tapped to provide the voice for the voluptuous treasure hunter in "Re\Visioned: Tomb Raider," a new 10-part animated series from GameTap, Turner Broadcasting’s video-game-themed broadband network. The first episode debuts July 10 at

"World-famous writers and artists are each doing their own version of Lara Croft, telling a different story the way they see the character," Ricardo Sanchez, vp of content for GameTap, told TV Guide's Rich Sands. "Everybody had either played the game, seen the movies or read the comics, and all had great preconceptions about the character that they wanted to explore or debunk."

The first 3-parter was written and directed by "Aeon Flux" creator Peter Chung. Future episodes carry the visions of comic-book veterans such as Warren Ellis, Gail Simone, Jim Lee and Christos Gage.

Driver, currently starring on "The Riches" with Eddie Izzard, previously voiced Jane in Disney's "Tarzan" and can be heard in The Simpsons Movie, which opens July 27.
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