"The Man Of Steel" will NOT be delayed

Despite all the rumors of a production start delay for the next "Superman" movie, there is at least one dissenting voice on the Net.
Is Bryan Singer going to direct "The Mayor of Castro Street" before "The Man of Steel"? Robert Sanchez of IESB says "no."

Following up on a statement made by the producers of "Mayor of Castro Street" that Bryan Singer would direct their film immediately after he finishes "Valkyrie" in Germany, IESB contacted a source close to Singer, who called the pronouncement "total horse $h!t."

"('Man of Steel' producers) Gil Adler and Chris Lee both are in Germany with Bryan," said the Singer source, "and I can guarantee you that there is some work being done with 'Superman' right now."

In fact, Singer himself told the press at the most recent Saturn Awards that he plans to commence principal photography on "The Man of the Steel" by Summer '08.

So, it now remains to be seen if his plans change. Stay tuned.
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