Great X-Pectations... From the Set

Director Bryan Singer and his multi-million-dollar mutants test their powers on the hotly anticipated X-MEN 2 and CINESCAPE goes behind-the-scenes to bring you a first look

Bryan Singer is a man in a hurry.

The 35-year-old director rushes into the editing suite, then zips back across the Vancouver Film Studios lot to continue supervising a shot on the set of Fox’s big-budget sequel, X-MEN 2. Radiating enthusiasm for the project, which reunites him with much of the original cast and crew from the hit 2000 film X-MEN, Singer is constantly peppered with suggestions from just about everyone within striking distance. The mood is playful, however, as the director listens and acknowledges the input – even if in this evening’s work he actually implements none of those suggestions.

Tom DeSanto, the film’s executive producer, finishes explaining a particular concern he has regarding Nightcrawler’s teleportation ability – or "bamfing" as it is referred to in the comic book. Singer concedes the validity of the viewpoint, but does not commit to making a script change.

"I recognize that your concern is based on logic," the director tells DeSanto.

DeSanto grins and jokes, "I’m the gnat."

Singer slaps his neck in time with the word "gnat." Turning, he adds, "The line is, ‘You just go right on quoting Starfleet regulations, mister.’ It’s a Spock and Kirk thing."
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