"Smallville" Update: Allison Mack Directs Episode 7.20

"Smallville's" resident newshound Chloe Sullivan slips into the director's chair for the 20th episode of Season 7.
On her blog at the official Allison Mack website, Mack made an interesting announcement:

"I will be directing episode 20 of Smallville this year, and I am so intimidated! I know that I have eight months to prep and that I have the most amazing crew of people around me that will do everything in their power to help me make something awesome, but...ignoring the voice inside my head that is screaming 'You have no clue how to do this!' has definitely been a challenge."

Mack joins fellow cast members Tom 'Clark Kent' Welling and John 'Jonathan Kent' Schneider in taking the director's reins.
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