WATCHMEN Filmed in 300 Style

Zack Snyder will be using techniques delveloped when making 300 as he films Watchmen.
Zack Snyder talked with SCI FI Wire about working on Watchmen, while he will be using real sets for the world alternate universe New York City he will also use 300 filmmaking techniques.

"We've got some sets built," Snyder said in an interview at Comic-Con International in San Diego over the weekend. "We are about to break ground on the backlot [in Vancouver, Canada]. The New York City backlot. So they laid the streets."

"Only for, like, Mars and Antarctica," Snyder said. "Because it's Mars. ... I mean, look, there's a sequence in the movie where you have, like, a [computer-generated] guy [Dr. Manhattan, played by Billy Crudup,] on Mars, looking at a giant glass palace that just grows out of the earth. OK, there's like something to shoot."
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