The Dark Knight rolls on

We’re all eagerly awaiting the next movie in the Batman franchise, and with each week come a whole new host of rumors and photos to keep us pinned to our computers. Here are just a few more to dangle in front of your lovely selves. Hype! have recently had the opportunity to sit down with Hans Zimmer, the masterpiece behind the Batman Begins soundtrack. When asked about the upcoming movie and the work he is doing, his answers provide fans of the soundtrack with some joyous news;

"It's going to evolve. There is a big Batman theme which I was playing with for the last one, but I always felt the character hadn't earned it yet, so I just want to go and play around, and I now want to go and complete that theme, so that's part of the idea. I felt I had a good start, and now it would be really nice to develop that world a little further."

So it looks like the small theme that played throughout the entirety of Begins will evolve in to a fully fledged Batman theme for the next movie, most likely to debut at the climax and in the roll off to the credits.

And for those who are anticipating further footage from filming, check out this link to see some Christian Bale action, donned up in the full suit riding around Chicago… uh, Gotham, on the Bat-pod. Apparently, rather than a campy Bat-cycle, this is more just an extension of the Tumbler, ejected before the Joker takes umbrage and destroys the first step in the new Batmobile evolution.
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8/1/2007 Hype!