'Mad' Miller Rumored to helm "Justice League"

The whisper now spreading across the 'Net says 'Mad Max' creator George Miller is the front-runner to direct Warner's high-priority "Justice League" film.
I prefer not to report rumors.

But, since at least half my colleagues--including Latino Review, AICN, Slashfilm, Comics2film, Moviehole and Superherohype--have posted this prominently, there's no point in CBM sitting it out.

A "trusted source" of Frosty at Collider.com has passed along the juicy tidbit that George Miller ('Mad Max,' 'Babe' and 'Happy Feet') is the primary contender to direct the Warner Bros. live-action "Justice League of America."

Sources also suggest that the "Justice League" film--to feature Superman, Batman, The Flash, Wonder Woman and the John Stewart Green Lantern--is a higher priority for Warner than Bryan Singer's 'Superman' sequel, and that Brandon Routh may be involved.

Potentially the most significant rumor is that one of the leaguers would die. (Frosty would not elaborate.)

Since only a first draft script has been submitted by screenwriters Kieran and Michele Mulroney--a script which supposedly features Maxwell Lord and the OMACs--the project can be considered in the early stages of development. Therefore, dramatic changes are still a possibility.

Stay tuned for more concrete updates.
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