Paltrow and Pepper Potts Speak

Starring beside Robert Downey Jr., in the Iron Man movie slated for release May of 08, Gwyneth Paltrow as shed some light on her experience on shooting.
Paltrow, who will be playing Tony Stark’s confidante, Virginia "Pepper" Potts, was happy that the special effects were not based around the green-screens of her last big action flick, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow.

In an interview at San Diego’s Comic-Con she said "It's easier, because it actually hurts your ears when the guns are shot or things blow up.” Continuing she added “I mean, they did crazy things. ... I hope I'm not giving things away, you know, ... but, yeah, they really blew things up, and it was like, wow. ... It's not your average day at work. It's like eight hours to set all the charges. It was, 'We're really going to blow this whole thing up?'"

Appearing at the big convention over the past weekend, Paltrow is happy to be back after almost a year out on maternity leave, after having a son, Moses, in April of 06. Commenting on Potts’ relationship with Stark left me wondering just how big a role she will be playing in the upcoming movie. "She's really the closest person to him," Paltrow said. "Because he's a womanizer and kind of a loose cannon, and she's sort of his center, in a way. Our relationship, for me, is at the heart of the film, and it was a very layered, real, complicated relationship."
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