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More news on the upcoming film.
"We've been very fortunate, in both the images we've released and the images we didn't want to get out there — everybody seems to be digging the way we're going with it," beamed director Jon Favreau over the weekend, as he unleashed a drool-inducing montage clip at Comic-Con

"I attribute a lot of that to the way Marvel handles its properties. Now that they're making their own movies, they can stay really true to what the fans want."

If that is the case, then fans seem to desire a sarcastically devilish Tony Stark; eye-popping scenes of the red-and-yellow tin man battling F-22 jet fighters, Powerful dramatic stars like Robert Downey Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow, Jeff Bridges and Terrence Howard and cameos from Marvel table-setters Samuel L. Jackson (as Nick Fury) and Hilary Swank(as Black Widow).

"We showed [the Comic-Con fans] a couple minutes that pretty well outlined Tony Stark's journey to becoming Iron Man," Downey explained. "There's a little bit of smartass to him going on, but you can tell that he's obviously a big weapons manufacturer. And then he goes through this ordeal and has a change of heart."

That change of heart also impacts his friend Jim Rhodes (Howard) and secretary Virginia "Pepper" Potts (Paltrow), a formula potent enough to make the Convention crowd members offer up their ultimate compliment: The footage was so nice, said their applause, that they had to see it twice.

"It was amazingly fun," Downey said of the reception. "My inner nerd has found excellent company."

"Stark doesn't have superpowers; his brain is his superpower," Paltrow said of what sets the character apart from Spidey, Supes and the Silver Surfer. "He builds his superpower, as opposed to being converted into having a superpower or being born with a superpower. It's his brilliant mind that enables him to become this amazing superhero."

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