Gabriel Macht is The Spirit

Variety reports that Writer-Director Frank Miller has tapped Gabriel Macht of ‘The Good Shepherd’ for the lead role in his big-screen adaptation of Will Eisner’s "The Spirit."
Gabriel Macht (‘Whiteout’) has been selected to don the domino mask and fedora of Denny Colt in "Will Eisner's The Spirit," the solo directorial debut of comics legend Frank Miller.

"We think Gabriel has a devilishly charming quality, and the dry wit that embodies the Spirit," said Lionsgate prexy of film production Mike Paseornek, "and we wanted to do this with someone who can embody this character for the next few years, because we anticipate we'll be making more than one Spirit movie."

Macht’s character, Denny Colt, fakes his own death so he can battle crime from the shadows of Central City (NOT the home of The Flash). He encounters the nefarious villain known as the Octopus, to be portrayed in the film by Samuel L. Jackson.

The picture is co-financed by Lionsgate and Odd Lot Entertainment, and produced by Odd Lot partners Gigi Pritzker and Deborah Del Prete. Sony Pictures will distribute in Europe and Latin America, while Lionsgate will handle the U.S. and Britain. Principal photography begins in October.
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