Michael Caine on Heath Ledger

We’ve seen the behind the scene clips, the trailer, and interviews with Christian Bale. Now we get to hear what Alfred Pennyworth has to say.
Portrayed by the inimitable Michael Caine, backing up on what has to be some daunting shoes left by Michael Gough, Alfred Pennyworth has served a long stint as Bruce Wayne’s guardian-come-butler. On his own blog, Caine has shed some light on the filming of the new Batman movie to be released in June of 08, in particular, his opinion of the man behind the Joker.

“I have just got back from my second trip to Chicago where I am shooting “Batman”, my jet lag has gone so I feel like updating this site.

I have one more stint in Chicago in a month time, then I will be finished on the 2nd “Batman” the great revelation of working on this is Heath Ledger who plays the “The Joker”. I have seen him on film and I have worked with him and I must say it is quite an extradinary performance.”

In additional Dark Knight news, SuperHeroHype.com is reporting that there is a new video clip of behind the scene footage, shot relatively recently. Apparently Heath Ledger appears preparing for a scene. Click here for the link.
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