Spider-man 4 Still Writer-less

The Spider-man franchise has been one of the biggest in the comics move to cinematic experience, and it is no surprise that the fourth movie is gaining a lot of hype. And though we’d love to report a writer for the fourth installment, you’re going to have to wait.
In fact, the sheer size of the franchise is showing in the fact that IGN is reporting who isn’t going to be hired as scriptwriter. The author for the first movie, David Koepp, is simply too busy with Ghost Town to tackle a fourth Spidy movie. It had been reported earlier that he was in talks with Sony Pictures.

One bit of information we do know is that Sam Raimi, the director of the first three installments of the franchise, is open to directing the fourth movie. Speaking at the recently concluded Comic-Con San Diego, Raimi said that if the story intrigues him, he’ll be in.

The biggest issue for Sony Pictures though is not who will direct or write, but who will star? Will a fourth installment bring in enough money to justify re-hiring Toby Maguire (oh please no!) or Kirsten Dunst, or will they just start afresh with new cast, and maybe even a new director?
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