Scarlett Gets "Spirit"ual in a Bad Way

Dangerously curvy Scarlett Johansson will play the femme fatale for Director Frank Miller in Will Eisner's The Spirit.
Legendary four-color artist Will Eisner was renowned for filling his strips with curvy females, and Eisner's pal Frank Miller is determined to keep that tradition alive.

For Will Eisner's The Spirit, Miller's adaptation of the classic comic strip noir series, real-life curvy screen siren Scarlett Johansson is finishing negotiations to play Silk N. Floss, a sexy and intelligent secretary who teams up with evil mastermind The Octopus (a heavily-shadowed Samuel L. Jackson) against the domino-masked protector of Central City, The Spirit (Gabriel Macht).

The Odd Lot Entertainment/Lionsgate co-production commences in October toward a 2009 release date.
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