Iron Man Footage Officially Online Soon

The SDCC footage is officially going to be online soon and I couldn't be more enthusiastic about it.
Iron Man director Jon Favreau has confirmed that you'll see an official version of the footage that was shown at the San Diego Comic-Con online soon:

"I hear you all loud and clear. You want to see the footage that we brought to SDCC. Why not post it in HD instead of having everyone download a grainy bootleg? I agree. I am trying to get a version out to you ASAP. This is a big movie, however, and it takes time to get the proper approvals from all parties involved.

I am happy to report that both Marvel and Paramount have agreed to get a version of the footage out to you very soon. I will report the specifics when I get them. Thanks for your enthusiasm and patience."

This can not come fast enough.
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