The Batman and Legion of Super Heroes Return

For those of us exiting the days where a Saturday morning consists of pajamas, a doona, and cartoons, we have one thing for you; “who cares!” And with returning The Batman and Legion, we have even more reason to not care about the stereotypes.
I literally enjoy nothing more (except maybe a good book) then sitting down with some cartoons on the TV. From reminiscing through my childhood by watching Batman: the Animated Series to the new incarnations such as Justice League Unlimited (now cancelled) and The Batman, there is a real joy to watching.

So I’m pleased to see that The Batman is returning to screens for another season after four Emmy Award winning seasons. The fifth season will see the introduction of Batman’s Justice League compatriots, and their villains. How this will take place I’m not entirely certain, but apparently Sinestro, Scarface, Mirror Master, Metallo, Clayface and Lex Luthor will all make appearances along with favorites Joker, Penguin, Harley Quinn and Mr. Freeze.

The season premiere will see Luthor team up with Poison Ivy to turn the Man of Steel himself against our favorite knight.

Legion of Super Heroes kicks in to its second season, with the young members of the future universe saving team growing their skills and facing even greater challenges. Chameleon Boy will join the team, and a new 41st century Superman will make an appearance as well.

So settle down my friends, find yourself something comfy, and get ready for bigger and brighter cartoons that will definitely take you back to your own childhood. 11am and 11:30am respectively, on the new Kids WB! on CW.
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