Freeman talks Wanted and The Dark Knight

At a recent MGM press day, Heather Newgen of Superhero Hype! talked to Academy Award winner Morgan Freeman about his upcoming comic book films, Wanted and The Dark Knight.
Morgan Freeman, arguably one of the world's finest film actors, is taking a double-dip into comic-based movies. He took a few minutes to describe his recent experiences with a genre he still can't fully comprehend.

"Wanted is directed by a Russian director whose name is Timur Bekmambetov," Freeman began. "[He] is the first foreign director that I've ever worked with. It was an interesting experience to play in a movie that is described as a graphic novel. It comes from some place I don't know.

"My character is not easily defined even by me who is a master of character definition. I play a guy who ostensibly heads up...a guild of assassins. By guild we mean that it's old. And they have peculiar abilities. In other words, one guy shoots a rifle from five miles away and hits his target. There's no straight line in five miles."

Freeman knew when asked about his co-star, tabloid darling Angelina Jolie, that "dirt" was likely being sought. But he had nothing but praise to pass on.

"She's an excellent person," he reported. "Excellent actress. A joy to be with, a joy to work with. She comes by it honestly. Whatever it is, she's got it."

He had less to say about his (yet unfinished) work on Christopher Nolan's Bat sequel The Dark Knight, in which he again takes up the role of Technical Genius Lucius Fox.

"The sequel," he mused. "Alec Guinness remarked one time that he made more money on those two [Star Wars] movies that he was just featured in than he'd made in his whole career and had little or nothing to do. That's what it's like."

Wanted storms theaters on March 28, 2008. The Dark Knight swoops in on July 18.
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