Mignola on his visit to the Hellboy 2 set

Mike Mignola gives his impressions of the Budapest Hellboy 2 shoot.
Having just returned from a trip to Prague and Budapest, where Director Guillermo del Toro is lensing Hellboy 2: The Golden Army, starring Ron Perlman, 'Hellboy' creator Mike Mignola told Wizard's Andy Serwin what he saw behind the scenes.

"It was great," gushed Mignola. "I’m constantly amazed at what del Toro’s doing. The film really looks two or three times bigger than the first picture. And since he doesn’t have two or three times as much money, I have no idea how he’s doing it."

Even though the production is only two months into its six-month shooting schedule, Mignola got to view a lot of footage, "because [del Toro] edits as he goes. And the fact that the stuff looks as amazing as it does without all the creature effects and the CG stuff added, it’s really quite amazing."

Because of his own heavy workload, the writer/artist is doubtful of any more set visits. And he thinks it's just as well.

"Mostly taking up space," is how he described his professional capacity on HB2. "It’s so much like an army camp--everybody’s running around, and you’re sitting there going, 'I serve no purpose here whatsoever except to say, Wow, that looks so cool.’"
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