Superman: Doomsday is 3 films in 1

The first act of the direct-to-DVD animated feature Superman: Doomsday is a movie in and of itself, according to its director.
Brandon Vietti definitely remembers the "Death of Superman" comic storyline from the early '90s.

"Oh, yeah. I used to run to the comic shops when those were coming out, with everyone else," he said. "I bought my 20 copies and put them in the plastic bags."

Vietti is one of three directors of Superman: Doomsday, the DC Animated Direct-to-video feature adaptation of 'Death' that swoops onto video shelves September 18. While he was responsible for the first act only, he told Comics Continuum it was a little like directing his own movie.

"We're establishing all the characters, of course, and we're bringing the audience into this world," said Vietti, who came to the project after four years on The Batman. "With all the introductions and big action pieces, it's fairly self-contained. Of course, you have to keep an eye on what's coming in the second and third parts and there's some hooking up that needs to be done."

Lauren Montgomery directed the second act, with the last third handled by Vietti's old boss, Bruce Timm.

"Bruce brought me into the business for The New Adventures of Batman/Superman," Vietti said. "It was just great to come back and work with him again 10 years later."

Vietti, who is now working on The Legion of Super Heroes animated series, said that Superman: Doomsday is faithful to the source while still containing some surprises. "But I think through the script, fans are in good hands."
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