[UPDATED] Gotham Hospital Goes Kaboom!

Shooting in Chicago continues at a rapid pace for the next installment of Christopher Nolan’s Batman series, and it looks like they’re pulling out all the stops to make this one a blockbuster.
For awhile now we’ve been receiving photos and short videos shot on location in Chicago for the next Batman movie, The Dark Knight. News has made its way to the internet regarding the upcoming implosion of a local building for the film. Apparently myFoxChicago.com will be covering the implosion-come-stunt, and will also hopefully be taking images from their own channel’s helicopter.

As I write this, I’ve found out they’ve already blown it apparently… correction, it will be blown at approximately two o’clock in the afternoon.

Check out a report here from Fox, and the live stream here.

For those unable to watch live, there is a lot of movement going on at the entrance to the "hospital", so we could be seeing the beginning of an "evac" scene.

As a note - the "hospital" was actually an old candy factory, and has been refurbished outside to make it look like a hospital.

And it's gone! In a fiery explosion that made me nearly wet my pants, the "Gotham Hospital" is now lying in a pile of rubble and flames.

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