David Goyer talks X-Men Prequel

We’ve known for awhile now that there is going to be a pair of prequels made for the X-Men franchise, one featuring everyone’s favorite bad-boy Wolverine, and the main villain of the franchise, Magneto.
Well David Goyer, the man keyed up to direct and write the Magneto film, was tracked down at Wizard World Chicago by SuperheroHype and he had the following to say.

"We're scouting and budgeting now. It's the origins of the X-Men with Magneto and Charles Xavier. We've done some scouts and it mostly takes place in Europe and Argentina. We're doing budgets and we're sort of halfway crewed up, and so that'll be the big question: whether we can bring it in for a price. But that's all I can say."

So will the looming strikes affect the filming of this movie? Or is it set so far in the future, or away from Hollywood, that it simply won’t matter? Only time will tell, but it looks as though the addition of Xavier to the storyline is something that will give the story that little bit of extra push to make a great movie.
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