Justice League Rumors and Tidbits

For awhile there, Batman the Dark Knight seemed to hold the reigns when it came to rumors and speculation, but it seems as though the new Justice League movie is looming as the next big hype machine to hit Hollywood.
And as with any rumor that makes its way to the playground of the fanboy – the internet – it must be taken with a grain of salt, and not trusted an inch. However IESB.net have acquired some rumors that have what they believe to be a grain of truth to them, or at least match with what else they are hearing.

Apparently, according to a “Jack’s Geek Blast” he was apparently on scene when four guys raided a local Borders store, looking for JLA storylines with the White Martians, and were discussing production design and pre-vis. Whether it is true is another guess altogether.

Another tipster, this time known as “The Hand of God” let IESB.net know that there will be no, apparently, Bruce Wayne in the film, only Batman. And though they would be going with a Batman Begins style Batman, it would be minus the man behind the mask, most notably, Christian Bale.

Noting that The Flash would be Wally West – as predicted – and portrayed by Ryan Reynolds – also as predicted – he mentioned a new name for a new cast member hitherto unmentioned; The Martian Manhunter to be portrayed by The Matrix’ Laurence Fishburne.

In addition, the man behind the most recent Crisis’ OMAC’s – Maxwell Lord – is also apparently going to be making an appearance, but apparently not as the man behind the OMAC’s as he was in the latest Infinite Crisis.

Only time will tell whether any of this information is anywhere near the truth, but it sure is fun speculating as to what will be proved right and what will be proved wrong.
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