WANNABE: Thor's Mane man

While promoting his role as one cinematic legend in Rob Zombie's Halloween remake, the imposing former wrestler Tyler Mane addressed rumors that he may be in the running for another larger-than-life character.
Tyler Mane joked to MTV's Larry Carroll that he might start walking around with a giant hammer in order to persuade Director Matthew Vaughn and Marvel Films that he’d be perfect to portray a certain god of thunder.

"I could give some people some ideas!" he laughed.

The August 9th announcement that Vaughn (Stardust) had been tapped to direct Thor was followed by an online campaign to get the 6'8" blonde wrestler-turned-actor cast in the title role, and, as evidenced by Michael Chiklis's selection as Thing in Fantastic Four, Internet buzz sometimes actually plants the idea in studio heads.

Plus, Mane already has his foot in the door, having made his film debut as Sabretooth in Bryan Singer's X-Men, another Marvel Comics adaptation. And he's familiar with the Elizabethan-English-spouting Norse god, whose time, he thinks, may have come.

"It depends on how it’s done, and who writes the script," he said. But then he shrugged his shoulders when asked about an offer. "I have not heard anything yet, so we’ll see. Hopefully, somebody’s out there writing it for me."

Vaughn hopes to begin shooting the script by Mark Protosevich (I Am Legend) this winter.
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