Back to back for Zack Snyder

On the heels of the highly successful film "300", Zach Snyder takes the reigns on his second movie derived from a graphic novel.
"The Watchmen", written by Alan Moore and beautifully illustrated by Dave Gibbons, won critical acclaim when it was released in 1986 thru 1987. This will be Zach Snyders' second attempt to convey a graphic novel to the big screen.

While Zach was able to bring "300" from the pages of the novel to the big screen flawlessly, he does have a tougher task at hand with "The Watchmen".

Just like "300", Snyder is using story boards to flesh out the story and come as close to the graphic novel as he can.

Principal shooting starts this month, and everyone is hoping for a 2009 release.

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