Dark Knight and Iron Man Teaser’s

We don’t always have enough for an entire post, so I’ve cobbled together the two news items that will most likely keep you happy for now; a Dark Knight photo that may be more than just advertising, and news on that long awaited Iron Man teaser.
First off the ranks, the MAGIC apparel industry show in Vegas has strutted some new Dark Knight merchandise, including T-Shirts with our favorite knight. The Bat’s new motorcycle also made an appearance, as well as an ambiguous giant banner that may or may not give away a spoiler as to a character from the new Dark Knight movie. Hit on over to Kung Fu Rodeo for the images.

We’ve wanted to see the Iron Man trailer that aired at the Comic-Con in San Francisco earlier this year, and according to director Jon Favreau, the official teaser trailer will be released on September 10.

"For those of you who have been Jonesing to see the Comic Con footage, we now have an official teaser trailer that incorporates much of the same imagery. Paramount is debuting the piece in its entirety across the Viacom Network's highest rated programs. The first appearance will be immediately before the Hills on MTV on 9/10.

A hi-res version will appear on Apple.com/trailers on 9/11 for those of you who, for whatever reason, choose not to TiVo The Hills."

Good news all round I say!
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